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10/30/19 - New arrivals on our Puppies For Sale page and pre-Thanksgiving sale including 20% off several select Cavalier litters for November only!

08/24/19 - New arrivals on our Puppies For Sale page!

06/21/19 - New arrivals on our Puppies For Sale page!

07/12/18 - New special on our Cavapoos page!

02/23/18 - New arrivals on our Puppies For Sale page!

02/11/18 - New litter with 2 Ruby female puppies born.

05/12/16 - New video links on our Puppies For Sale page!

04/19/16 - New arrivals on our Puppies For Sale page!

10/15/14 - Special Holiday Sale on our Puppies For Sale page!

12/13/13 - Special Holiday Sale on our Puppies For Sale page!

05/31/13 - New arrivals on our Puppies For Sale page!

05/19/12 - New arrivals on our Puppies For Sale and New Born Puppies pages!

05/05/12 - New additions to our retiree and adult dogs page. 3 lovely retired cavalier breeders. 

02/18/12 - promotional sale and prices on our Puppies For Sale page!

08/15/11 - New reduced prices on Puppies For Sale for a limited time.

07/28/11 - New additions to the New Born Puppies page.

03/11/11 - New Older Puppies available with reduced prices.

03/09/11 - New arrivals on our Puppies For Sale page!

01/12/11 - Our web cam feed is now up and running again 24/7 on the 1 puppy live video link.

05/26/10 - New additions to our puppies for sale page. Several prices now reduced, new younger puppies too!

11/22/09 - New addition to our retiree and adult dogs page. Additional content and a new benchmark for our rescue efforts included.

5/17/09 - Update to Sires and Dams page. All active male adults now have pictures online, more details information coming soon.

4/24/09 - Willow Spring Kennels has now officially become a non-profit dog rescue, in addition to a breeding operation. For additional details, see our Rescue Application and Contract.

11/08/08 - Our kennel featured on Animal Planet show Dogs 101 on Nov. 22nd at 8pm.

10/22/08 - New Pictures of our little puppies in their Halloween costumes!

7/28/08 - Visit our newly added Frequently Asked Questions page for specific information about purchasing one of our puppies.




AKC Inspected, Champion Lines



Welcome to our website.  We

hope you will enjoy seeing all of

our lovely dogs and puppies.  We

love them with all our hearts and

our family operation takes pride

in assuring their comfort and


We employ the regular services

of two Veterinarians who make

regular house calls once a week. 

All of our little breeders are

checked for any eye, hip, knee

and heart issues.  If anything

comes up that would jeopardize

the health and happiness of a

genetic line, the dog is not bred

and is placed as a rescue with a

loving family.

Our facility is located on a

wonderful small 23 acre farm in

rural eastern Pennsylvania,

surrounded by pristine forests,

fields, and creeks.  In addition to

providing several fields for our

dogs and puppies to exercise in,

our barn serves as a refuge for a

group of neutered rescue cats that

keep our barn pest free.

We keep our infant puppies and

mothers in an air conditioned,

regularly cleaned nursery located

in our house for close

supervision.  From the later

stages of pregnancy until the

puppies are ready to join the ones

in our barn kennel for public

viewing, they are kept warm in a

facility prepped to provide all

needed immunizations to live a

happy, long life.

Part of our house also serves as

an infirmary, just in case a

communicable illness such as a

cold is contracted by one of our

puppies or dogs.  The room has

many windows to provide a

sunny atmosphere to encourage a

quick recovery, and is prepped

with nebulizers, medications, and

other apparatus to insure that

every need of our precious dogs

is met, under the close

supervision of our veterinarian.   

If you want to meet our puppies,

please call and set up an

appointment (visiting hours by

appointment only.)





Puppy and Rescue


Monday - Saturday

11am - 6pm


12:30pm - 4pm



(later evening

visits available

by appointment,

call 215-538-




Our dogs are for

sale as pets only,

we do not sell

dogs for breeding.  All

payments must be

made in full by

either certified

 check, cash or

 money order. 

Personal checks

require the time

for the check to clear. 



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